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Welcome to our international visitors!       


We have over 20 years' experience in all commercial aspects of export business, including export finance. Our strength is our broad network, giving us access to a state-of-the-art information system such as only multinational major enterprises usually enjoy.

Our policy is to develop close confidential relationships whith each of our clients and partners.


We offer our customers proven expertise and significant business benefits, including:
 tailored export-finance and financial structuring (such as loans, leasing, refinance, credit
 expert knowledge in documentary business (letters of credit, promissory notes,
    guarantees, trustee agreements ...)
 in-depth experience in all commercial aspects of export transactions
 huge information source and business network
 selected business development services.

However, our international partners are especially interested in our TRADING SERVICES:
 identifying appropriate supply sources 
 adding value, establishing the most suitable payment and finance solutions to adjust
    their purchase expenditures to cash flow.

For further information or advice and to discuss your individual needs, please contact us via info@export-kontor.de or get in touch with us via the address and phone number shown under "Kontakt".                                                    

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